Nation's Leading Productivity Tool for Physicians

Radekal™ - Nation's leading productivity tool for Physicians, yielding 30%+ increase in productivity over other traditional EHR's.

No other system can have the patient encounter Coded and Billed BEFORE the patient leaves the examination room at a RAC Auditable level AND YET NOT SLOW the PHYSICIAN DOWN. With a 30min 1 page training guide, Radekal is unique in the industry.

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Telehealth with the 22nd Century in Mind

ROBORITA – Robotic Intelligent Telehealth Assistant. RITA is a platform that fosters integration of multiple healthcare technology components through a common user interface to provide secure and scalable delivery of care-at-a-distance.

RITA is world-class, state-of-the-art technology, made in the USA, designed to improve physician productivity up to 30%. RITA is designed to work seamlessly with Radekal, RITA's brainy little brother.

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