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Radekal Admin Clinic Information

There are the 3 basic tabs that reference the clinic: Address, Rooms, and Options.  The Address tab is basic information about the clinic. This is the information that will print on prescriptions and other documents printed from Radekal.  The red asterisk indicates the required fields.  Your Practice Management System (PMS) will have an ID for that clinic. 

The Rooms tab is where you set up your patient rooms.  This is used to track a patient’s location within the clinic. The room designation can be up to four numbers or letters, such as 1, 2, 3, OBGY, ENT, etc.  The Administrator can add as many rooms as they want by using the Add button.

The Options tab is important.  This is where you can set up many of the application defaults. 

  • The refresh rate is the number of seconds until the schedule page should refresh itself after being left idle. Minimum interval is 60 seconds and can be increased by intervals of 30 seconds.
  • You can set a maximum number of pages to print for a patient chart.
  • Drug interaction warning levels are: major, moderate, minor, or insignificant. In general, at what level do you want to warn the physician of the drug interactions. For example.  A stomach ache could be minor interaction.
  • Food interaction warning levels range from Minor significant to Most significant to warn about interactions between medication and foods.
  • Disease interaction warnings are:  absolute contraindication, moderate contraindication, contraindication warning.  Some medications are not appropriate for a given disease. 
  • Unsigned Notes can be viewed by non-physicians; select which user types.
  • Associated Dx can appear on the printed or faxed prescriptions or not.
  • Scanned-in documents can be automatically reviewed and filed in the patients’ charts.  If disabled, the users must manually review and file the scanned documents.  Documents which are pending review may be accessed by clicking on the “Documents to Review” link from the Docpad or Nursepad homepage(if Nurse review of documents is enabled).  This setting does not apply to test results.
  • Attempt to match results from Devices using Patient PMS ID
  • External Labs: You can specify which labs your clinic wants to send order to. You can choose more than one.
  • Minimum number of times for association of Unhandled Results to be made manually before it is done automatically.  (Enter 0 to disable.)
  • Show only the Unhandled Results for this facility location.
  • Default value for printing patient receipt for electronic prescriptions.
  • Prescriptions faxed from Radekal will normally follow the format of the state to which you are faxing.
  • If we don’t support a particular state’s format, then the format used will be the one chosen as the fallback format.