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Lab Settings

These settings will allow you to enter account information for external vendor labs, as well as enter default scheduling and routing details for lab orders.

  • The administrator can check the box for a specialty to edit the settings for a whole group of providers, or click the triangle next to the name of the specialty to select specific providers.

 The Provider Settings section is set to specify General Lab settings, Schedule Orders/Procedure page settings and Medicare Support rules.  This section gives the ability to Autolink orders to encounter Dx’s, allows nurse to enter CPT codes for completed surgeries/procedures.  It also applies the Medicare support rules.

The Lab Account Settings section is used for setting up accounts for the chosen providers.  These providers were chosen in the Clinic Information section.  This is required to send lab tests to the lab that provides processing services for the clinic.

           *  Currently under development

The Orders Schedule settings section is used to set up the default states for order scheduling and processing per CPT code or per order type.  The Docpad user can override these settings.