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Patient Management

The Patient Management section has 4 links:

  • Inactivate Patient
  • Merge Patient Charts
  • Patient Sync
  • Patient Risk

 Inactivate Patient

This page allows the administrator to remove any patient that does not have any encounter with any physician or nurse.  Click on Unknown to see the list. 

1. The chart must not have any documentation in it, in other words, a completely

    blank chart with no notations of any kind.

2. In the Admin module, click the link that says ‘Inactivate Patient’.  You can search

    for the patient’s name using the search box at the top of the page or, click Unknown

    and choose them from this list.  All these charts should be empty.

3. Select the patient and click the box to the left of the name.  Hovering over the name

    reveals the patient’s information. 

4. After the names are chosen, click done.

5. A pop up will ask if you want to delete the selected patients. Click yes or cancel.

6. The chart will no longer be viewable in the application.

Merge Patient Charts

The merge chart link is used when there are two PMS IDs for same patient.   Somehow more than one chart has been created for the same patient which can lead to incorrect information for the patient. 

Click on the link and a page with the source chart and target chart boxes displays.  The source is the chart number you want to delete and the 
target is the chart number you want to retain.

1. Enter the numbers and click retrieve.

2. The 2 charts will display with the source chart on the left and the target chart be on the right.  There are NO restrictions on merging.  You can merge 2 charts for any 2 patients, regardless of sex or age.  Be careful and check ALL the details. The merge is not reversible.

3. When you are satisfied that you have the correct charts in the correct order, click merge and the left or source chart will disappear.  The merge will be complete.

Patient Sync

This will allow the administrator to synchronize the patient demographic data with the PMS.   Sync merges differences between the PMS and Docpad/Nursepad demographics.  This feature is NOT the same as Merge Patient charts.

Same as Inactivate Patient, checking the box and clicking on the Done button will update the patient information.  For safety reasons, a confirmation box will come up to make sure you want to update the patient.

Patient Risk

Risk assessment is important to Chronic Care Management under Medicare.  The risk levels can be set up for the clinic on this page.  Risk levels for patients are set in Docpad and will display on the Face Sheet in Nursepad and Docpad.