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Prevention Defaults

The administrator can create patient Prevention Settings for all providers at one time or each provider can have a different profile set.  The practical result of this design is to give each provider control of their preferred list without being overridden by the overall clinic list.  All the prevention alerts are set by age range.

If there is more than one specialty represented in the clinic, the settings need to be done by specialty, even if they are exactly the same.  The picture below has only one provider checked. If the administrator checked the Primary Care specialty, all the primary care providers would be green checked. 

Turn prevention on/off controls whether or not the alerts for both prevention issues and immunizations will display in Docpad.  If disabled, the user will not see the alerts for out-of-date prevention issues or immunizations. The heading Prevention will not be displayed at the top right of the face page when the provider opens an encounter.

If the Docpad user has the preventions turned off, then the nurse assigned to them for that day will not see the prevention heading.

Turn prevention on/off must be ON for auto-ordering to work.  If ON, orders which satisfy out-of-date prevention issues will be automatically ordered when the user signs a patient encounter.   If turned OFF, out-of-date prevention issues will still be orderable, but the user will need to manually place orders to satisfy the prevention issues.  This setting does not affect immunization, which must always be manually ordered.

Change User Permission determines whether the Docpad user

1. Can modify whole panel:  all the age ranges that are in Admin will display in 

   Docpad under the Personalize the Software link

2. Can modify only individual patients: only change them in the prevention page of a patient’s chart.

3. Cannot make changes: only Admin has the ability to change them at all.

The Change immunization settings allows or denies the nurse access to view the immunization chart as well as modify it. 

Turn off overdue immunization alerts at age.  The application is designed to show overdue immunizations for each patient.  Therefore an adult patient that has not had or kept childhood records will have all those overdue alerts displaying. This is designed to prevent overdue immunizations that are given in childhood and adolescence from constantly displaying in adults. For example, a new 49 year patient will be flagged as having childhood DPT series as overdue.  If the age setting is 18, then those childhood alerts will not be present in this patient’s face sheet or in the overdue prevention list.

This will stop the immunization alerts for the appropriate age, whether it be an infant or adolescent, from displaying.

The Add/Modify Prevention Issues to Monitor section lets the user specify default prevention issues per age range.  These can be overridden on Docpad.