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User Information

The User Information page allows the Administrator to enter the information regarding all users of the clinic’s Radekal system. The first page shows the total number of users based on type, such as Administrator, Billing Clerk, Physician, Records Manager, etc.

In this section, the user can create a new user, change the status of the user and set defaults for individual users.  It also allows the administrator to view or modify information about a selected user.  It allows the reset of a failed login in case the user was locked out.

Note: When you make any change to a user profile, you must completely log out of the Admin module for the changes to take effect.

The All Users button at the top of the page will list all the users who have been added to Radekal along with their status and the last date their entry was modified. 

 Add a new user by clicking on the Add User icon.  There are four tabs: Info, Options, Signature, and Printers.

 The Info tab is where you input the required information: first name, last name, title, user name and password.  Make sure the user name is used only once. 
The password can be the same for different roles but not user name.  The ‘User PMC ID’ is  required for Docpad users.  It’s the ID in the PMS within the clinic, and you can add more.

  • The Title is where the Administrator selects the user’s professional designation. The designation chosen in this field also determines what type of Radekal module the user will use.  For example, Physician, Nurse Practitioner, and Physician Assistant are all Docpad users, while RN and LVN are Nursepad users.
  • The Direct Address and password are used for access to the patient portal, used for secure communication between physicians at different clinics.
  • The Users PMS ID/ Billing Area information links this user to the PMS. 
  • The State Controlled Substance Registration Number and other IDs that can be entered by clicking on Other IDs are only needed for physicians or other users who write prescriptions.

The Options tab is different for each user role.

Options for a physician:

  • Default RX routing: the default routing for a prescription when the Docpad user clicks “Sign” on the Rx pad.  If sent to Nurse, it will create a new note order for the nurse who is assigned to handle Rx Orders for this user.
  • Lab orders for uninsured patients can be billed to the clinic or the patient.
  • A physician can receive “Outstanding Results” from their own patient as well as their own orders.  Or just their patients, or just their Orders.
  • “Review all WNL” (within normal limits) will send the  files to the patient charts automatically.   As a good practice, if the document has to be approved by the physician, physically take the document to get approved.
  • Select appropriate units of measure for the clinic.
  • This physician can still receive any nurse comment added from the ‘Current Nurse Note’ associated with the same appointment.  This will appear as a new ‘Document to Review’ for this user.  be included in the ‘Nurse Note’ only.
  • The user can quickly see the CPT/AMA codes.
  • A nurse can be allowed to make changes to an order created by this user.
  • The patient chart can be printed to this user’s printer settings.
  • Other Docpad users can file test results created by this user.  The filed results will appear under the appropriate tab on the patient’s “Test Results” page. It will no longer appear on the patient’s face sheet.  If disabled, no other Docpad user can file this user test results.  The results will appear on the patient’s face sheet under the “Unreviewed” tab of the “Test Results” page and on the user’s list of  “Test to Review”.
  • The nurse can be given permission to sign off on this user’s ordered results.
  • A nurse can convert a note created by other staff members as medical note that will be saved in the patient’s chart.
  • Specify how this doctor is allowed to adjust drug/allergy/food/disease interactions.
  • Specify eRx setting for this user.
  • Specify the co-signing requirements for this user.
  • These are the default states for the file button in Docpad.

The Options tabs for other roles besides physicians are subsets of the Physician options.

The Signature tab allows this user to have a personal signature on any signed note.

            This is a scanned image with the following dimensions.

            216 pixel wide by 72 pixels high. 

Signatures are only necessary for providers. The signature only prints on Docpad notes. It is not printed on prescriptions.

The Printers tab gives this user access to override the clinic’s default settings.  There has to be a default printer set up for every user to be able to print.