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Docpad Face Sheet

The Face Sheet holds the relevant patient information and history that a provider needs to begin an encounter with a patient.  

  • The nurse will usually enter most of the information on the Face Sheet, but the provider can also input this information or modify it, as desired.

Note: If the provider opens the patient’s chart before the nurse has finished, the values will not show on the Docpad Face sheet. The nurse will have to send a message to the provider with the vitals information.

  • There are 5 tabs on the Face Sheet.  The first three are explained in detail in the Nursepad reference manual.  Risk Assessment and Patient Risk only apply to certain providers.
    • Hx – History is the default page for the Face Sheet
      • Allergies
      • Advanced Directives
      • CurrentMeds – the patient’s current medications
        • Vitals
        • Complaints
        • Past Notes (signed)
        • Prevention
        • Results
        • Medical/Surgical History
      • FHx/SHx — Family/Social History taken by nurse or medical assistant
      • Risk Ax – risk assessment form to set risk for this patient
      • Patient Risk – means for provider to set patient risk directly according to clinic defined standards in the Admin module under Patient Risk. 

  Note:  To achieve accurate ICD10 codes, click and review Medications, Family and Social History, Medical/ Surgical History.  Information in these areas will increase the ICD10 codes.

  • The Meds tab allows the provider to review current medications and make appropriate adjustments.  More about medications is discussed in the Rx section.
  • Results area of the face sheet contains test results that have not been reviewed with the patient.
    • Click the View button to see the individual tests.
    • Review the test with the patient
    • Click Done and the result is filed.
  • Risk assessment and Patient risk are the means to document information needed for Chronic Care Management (CCM) involving Medicare patients with multiple chronic complaints.

Face Sheet for Procedure Note  

  • The Face Sheet is different for a Procedure Note in that it does not include the Complaints section, as the Face Sheet does for a Progress Note, Complete H&P, and Consult Note.  
  • Notice at the bottom there are not tabs for CC and PE since those are not relevant to a procedure alone.