Family and Social History in Radekal

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Family and Social History in Radekal documents a patient’s background and puts each encounter into a fuller context of their life.   Often this history information is entered by a nurse or medical assistant by means of Nursepad.  The data will then appear in the patient’s chart when the physician opens Docpad.  The information can be reviewed and extended as necessary in Docpad.   

From the Face Sheet in a patient’s chart, select the Fhx/Shx tab to view the information already entered.  

Family and Social History

Notice that the Family history is divided into sections for each family member identified.  There is also a General category for non-specific findings in the family.  There are also sections for Social History and Smoking status to be covered in turn.  

During an encounter, the physician may want to add to the family history based on the conversation.  Click Add next to Family Hx to bring up the Family History page.

On the left side of the page are listed family members.  They can be selected in turn to identify specific diagnoses related to that person.  Toward the bottom of the list, items with arrows allow selection of more than one person in that category.  Clicking the arrow brings up a numbered list.   When a family member has been selected, any items clicked with be associated with that person.  Items selected under General will be listed under General.  

At the top of the page under Family History are several buttons: 

  • Unknown
  • Healthy
  • Chronically ill
  • Deceased
  • Family History Not Known – Adopted

This page has two tabs:  Diagnosis and Family.  The Diagnosis tab is organized around disorders within specialties.