How to Order Lab Tests in Docpad

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How to Order Lab Tests in Docpad

Ordering lab tests for external labs works like ordering any tests  in Docpad.  The difference is that if the clinic is registered with a particular external lab, the tests from that lab are identified with the name of the lab.   On this sample page given a search for “a1c”, all possible tests are shown including ones from Quest, a specific external lab.  

Selecting one of these tests brings up a popup for ordering that test.  Fill in the choices and click Done to complete the order.  

When test results come back and have been linked to the patient’s chart in Records Manager as explained in the article “How to Link Test Results to a Patient’s Chart” under Radekal Clinical/Labs, the results will show up on the Face sheet in Docpad.   Notice that the results are classified as Normal, Negative, or Positive in this example.  

Below is an example with an Abnormal result.  Notice that the heading is shown in red.