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The second row of the Face Sheet in Nursepad has tabs History, Medication, Family/Social Hx and Reminder. The History tab shows the Face Sheet and is highlighted because it is the default tab of a patient’s chart. 

The next button is Medications which is used to record the patient’s history.   Notice that the patient’s current medication is listed and can be managed from this page.  Also the patient’s preferred pharmacy is shown here. 

The No Changes button allows the nurse to communicate to the Docpad user the fact that no medication changes have occurred since the last appointment.  It does not become a part of any note.

Add brings up the Rx page used to document any additional medications a patient may be taking.  There is a list of medications by Therapeutic Classification as well as a Search box to find a specific medication by name.  The Hot List gives the user the option to save frequently prescribed medications for quick access.  

The Refills tab allows the user to easily approve medication refills.  The refill will be sent to the pharmacy indicated in the patient’s record, but there is a link to Change Routing.

The section at the bottom of the Medications page is Medication Reconciliation/Hx which provides a means to communicate any additional information about the patient’s medication.  It can be used for example during Transition of Care to indicate any changes in medication that should be documented in the patient’s record.  Any relevant documents will be listed when Medication Reconciliation/Hx is selected.