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Past Notes

Past Notes
 can be viewed in several ways.  

In Docpad:  

  • The Face Sheet section called Past Notes includes a dated list. 
  • The Past Notes button at the bottom of the Note Launcher popup when a patient is selected.
  • The Notes tab on the right side of the screen

In Records Manager:

  • Past Notes task lists a patient’s signed notes

In Nursepad:

  • The Notes tab on the right side of the the screen 

Select a patient from the Schedule Page or Patient Chart or from Incomplete Notes.

Schedule Page

  • Click on the Schedule box at the top right side of the banner to get to My Schedule.  Select Patient under Provider Tasks also takes you to this page. 
  • My Schedule shows a list of patients with scheduled appointments for this provider or walk-in patients that have been added to the schedule.  The schedule information comes from the Practice Management system.
  • To select the patient, click on the patient’s name to open a patient encounter note.
  • The drop down window has several choices.
    • My Schedule shows the schedule for this individual provider with the time, patient’s name, date of birth and status (i.e., Room).
    • All Schedules is the schedule for all providers in the clinic. It enables the provider to select a patient from another provider.
    • Schedule for Specific Provider enables the user to view the schedule of a specific provider.
    • Alpha search by last name to access a patient’s chart is the following areas:My Patients and All Patients are comparable but for any patient, not just ones scheduled for today.
      • My Patients is the link to access this provider’s data base of patients.
      • All Patients is the link to all the patients in the clinic.

Note: A search can also be narrowed by using the patient’s first name. Simply type a comma before the name. Don’t put a space after the comma.

Example:         smith,samantha

                      ,samantha  (this will search by only the first name, samantha)

Starting from Patient Chart, the search page comes up as My Patients rather than My Schedule.

Past Notes button on Note Launcher
When a patient has been selected from the Schedule page, the Note Launcher popup appears with a list of options for the type of patient note to be created.  In addition there is a button at the bottom of the page labeled Past Notes that will display the list of previous signed notes for this patient. 

Clicking the Past Notes button brings up the list of signed notes for this patient.  

Selecting one of the past notes listed brings up the compete signed note which can be printed or downloaded as a PDF file.

Face Sheet section called Past Notes

The Face Sheet of each patient includes a section called Past Notes (signed).  Clicking on any one of them brings up that note.  
Clicking View lists them along with more complete information and options to view other types of documents.  

Notes tab on right side of screen

From the Face Sheet displayed above, the Notes tab on the right side is visible.  It will also take you to the list of past notes.