Physical Examination (PE)

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Physical Examination (PE) Tab

  • On the Physical Examination (PE) page, select normal and abnormal findings for the patient.
  • Default settings for PE can be managed from the Home page under Personalize the Software.
  • Select the exam type in the upper left section by adding a green check (single click). This indicates that the provider wants all of their pre-set normals to be selected automatically.
  • Clicking on the arrow next to the exam type brings up the normals and abnormals.

Personalize the Software for PE

  • Radekal allows customization, including setting defaults for PE to save time during patient encounters.   
  • The Home page includes a line for Personalize the Software as described earlier. 
  • Clicking on Personalize the Software takes you to the page to select Set Physical Exam Defaults.
  • Clicking on the Set Physical Exam Defaults takes you to a page that is similar to the PE page.
  • Click the arrow next to the Exam type to show default normals for that exam area.
  • On the upper right side, you can select normals for Male or Female or Gender Neutral as well as specifying the Age range for the normals selected. 
  • Select the settings from the lower panel that should show as the normals on the PE page in Docpad.  (You won’t see these as normals for that Exam type until you exit this page and return.)
  • Once all the exam types are completed, click Done to save changes.
  • Click Done to return to the Home page. 

Now navigating to the PE page will have the selected normals indicated without further effort by the provider. 

CAREFUL:  If you have preset a Normal finding which doesn’t apply for a particular patient, you must uncheck the preset finding under Normals.   Otherwise there is a conflict in values.