Radekal Admin Overview

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Radekal Administration Overview

The Admin module helps you set up your Radekal Clinical system to match the requirements of your practice: 

  • Describe your clinic in detail
  • Add and customize each user from providers to front desk personnel
  • Connect to Practice Management System (PMS), labs, and pharmacies
  • Set up standard procedures 

Once your clinic is up and running on Radekal, Admin can help you manage:

  • Security
  • Patient records
  • Reports
  • User information
  • Labs

After logging in to the Admin module, you will see the page below – the Radekal Administrator Home Page.  This page contains three headers, Tasks, Communications and Patient Management, covered in turn in separate section of the Knowledge Base. In this section, we will cover the Tasks portion of the page. Messages is covered in the RadekalDocpad reference guide. 


The Tasks section includes the features the Administrator can change about the Radekal applications and the preferences for individual users.

  • Clinic Information: Allows the Admin to enter all important information regarding the clinic such as name, address, phone numbers, etc.
  • User Information:Allows the user to enter or edit all the required information needed to allow a user the ability to access and use Radekal.
  • Lab Settings Allows the user to edit the setting for the lab or labs that service your clinic.
  • Lab Insurance Settings: Allows the user to link the lab to the PMS.    
  • Nurse/Front Desk Order Settings:  Allows the Admin user to choose what orders a specific employee is allowed to complete.
  • Prevention Defaults: Allows the Admin user to edit the Prevention parameters for all patients.
  • Clinical Decision Support Rules:  Allows the Admin user to define clinical decision support rules.   CDS rules can be use to create reminders for certain conditions.
  • Pharmacy Defaults:  Allows the user to enter pharmacies into Radekal. These pharmacies will be visible under all patients.
  • Contact Management: Allows the user the enter their reachable information.
  • Printers and Faxes:  Allows the user to enter the Radekal CUPS IDs and  locations for all printers located in the clinic. The only option the user has for “Faxes” is entering the number 9 if it is required to send faxes.
  • Billing:  Allows the user to set the time they want the Radekal system to begin batch printing of all patient encounters that day. Also, the user can manually enter the CPT codes for venipunctures involved with the Phlebotomist.
  • Patient List:  Allows the user to generate a list of patients based on various criteria. 
  • Canned Texts:  Allows the user to enter selected canned texts for Docpad, Nursepad and Front Desk
  • Security:  Allows the administrator to set password length and inactivity logout
  • References: Allows the user to enter practice-related web page links to DocPad and NursePad such as WebMD or other medical reference sites.
  • Reports: Allows the user to manually view all current batch reports before they are printed.
  • Syndromic Surveillance:  Allows the user to generate syndromic report to notify state or federal agencies of any situation needing attention, such as an outbreak of disease or multiple occurrences of radiation poisoning.

The Admin module has a Help menu built in. If you do not understand the different fields on a page in Admin, you can click the Help button in the top right corner of the page. When you select the button, a launch window will show information regarding the page you are current viewing.

 Each of the functions in Admin is detailed in the individual article in the Knowledge Base.
To see all the functions in one file, download the complete Radekal Clinical Admin Reference Manual in the Download section of this website.